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Harm and side effects of creatine. Good or bad?

Harm and side effects of creatine, good creatine or bad?

One of the most frequently used questions - side effects of creatine and what harm it can cause athlete's health. Experience has shown that the incidence of side effects in creatine is quite low (less than 4%) and irreversible harm to health is not seen. Several studies certified that creatine is safe food additive and in one experiment with mice have shown that creatine improves quality and duration of life, moreover, the safety of creatine can be confirmed that in some studies have used very large doses (25 g day) for a long time, while the subjects did not have any health problems. However, the side effects of creatine are sometimes found.

Some side effects are associated not only with creatine, but also with the ingredients with which it is often combined, for example, simple sugars, amino acids and other vasoactive This article outlines the side effects of creatine, which are directly connected with it and do not depend on external factors. In view of the fact that the mechanism of action and biological initiative of creatine are not yet fully understood, many side effects have no clear explanation.

Water retention: effect during taking creatine

Harm and side effects of creatine, good creatine or bad?Most possess a strong rationale side effects associated with osmotic activity of creatine, in other words, connected to the intake of creatine increases water retention in the body. This phenomenon begins almost everyone who uses creatine, at the same time, water retention shows no harm to the body, and there is a compensatory response that would balance the osmotic imbalance. By itself, the water retention is almost negligible, and it can only be determined by weights, no swelling, and "swollen" face of healthy people does not arise. Typically, the liquid does not rise in the percentage considerably, its average volume is 0.5 - 1.5 liters, which can be subject to externally or subjectively.

Do not try to limit your intake of fluids, and especially do not take diuretics, which would prevent fluid retention. Reducing the manifestations of this phenomenon harmless, you can cause damage to the body due to dehydration.

Usually after the abolition of creatine takes to drop weight (20 - 30% of the dialed) is associated with excretion of accumulated liquid.

Dehydration. Some moments about harm of creatine

Dehydration is directly related to the previous effect. Osmotic liveliness creatine leads to a transition of the liquid portion of blood to the muscles, thus raising a separate body is dehydrated, while the metabolism, thermotaxis, acid-base balance, etc. This requires the consumption of liquid in sufficient volume to 3 liters per day . Adequate rehydration electrolyte balance allows to normalize the body's internal environment, as well as prevent some other side effects of creatine.

In particular, this problem is relevant in bodybuilding, as many athletes taking creatine activate the so-called drying using stimulants and diuretics that remove fluid from the body, in this case, the body may be caused significant damage, and even death.

Indigestion. A few words about side effects of creatine

Harm and side effects of creatine, good creatine or bad?The second most frequent side effects of creatine - gastrointestinal distress, which is expressed by abdominal pain, nausea, and diarrhea flatulentsiey. Very often digestive problems occur during the loading phase when applied tremendous dose of creatine. Gastrointestinal distress is the result of staying in the stomach in a fairly large amount of Slow dissolving crystals of creatine. Often, digestive problems associated with cleaning the filth of creatine, so the choice should be given to high-quality supplements. To prevent this side effect created micronized, capsule and liquid forms of creatine, although the latter is not recommended due to poor performance.

New chemical forms of creatine (Ethyl Ester, krealkalin, and others) have the same side effects on the gut as the monohydrate, contrary to advertising slogans. Quite often, manufacturers are coming up on the ruse and advised to use new forms in small doses. Of course, this reduces the incidence of side effects, but in this decreases efficiency. The study showed that the dose of new forms for the purchase of the desired effect should be the same as the monohydrate.

There is evidence that creatine citrate and creatine malate initiated less side effects on the gastrointestinal tract due to good solubility.

Cramps and spasms. One more side effect of creatine

Harm and side effects of creatine, good creatine or bad?These side effects are often heard in the forums and in the press. In practice, seizures occur very rarely. Some scientists deny the link cramps and spasms with creatine, as tests on the athletes do not show a clear pattern. Muscle spasms can occur as a result of electrolyte imbalance and dehydration while taking creatine as a prevention should consume a sufficient share of the liquid. In addition, the role of the planned increase in power performance, in other words cramps may occur due to an increase in muscle strength, so the training they undergo more stress, and in a moment of relaxation, a reduction reaction, there are spasms.

Acne: another problem that may arise in the use of creatine

Acne or pimples are identified by the use of creatine is very rare, it occurs at the expense of increasing the production of testosterone and is a positive indicator for the recruitment of muscle mass.

Side effects of creatine supplementation on liver

Creatine expresses no side effects on the liver, even in large doses (30 g once more).

Side effects of creatine on the kidneys

The study showed that creatine does not cause changes in the concentration of renal markers and clinical significant adverse effects on the kidneys in healthy people, even in large doses (more than 30 g single dose).

Imaginary side effects and harm of creatine

Currently, you can find a lot of false information regarding the side effects of creatine. To resolve doubts, is a list of non-existent side effects and harm creatine:

  1. You must now that creatine does not raise blood pressure.
  2. Creatine does not reduce the potency and does not lead to infertility.
  3. Creatine has no carcinogenic effect.
  4. Creatine does not overload the heart during trains and other time on rest.
  5. Creatine is not addictive

Finally, It should be noted that after the completion of the creatine course, gain muscle mass maintained at 70-80%. Some weight reduction (20-30%) is due to the elimination of excess fluid. That is normal effects after stop using creatine.