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Useful articles about bodyduilding. sports nutrition, supplements, exercises

Useful articles about bodybuilding, how to build your body without hurt, but to make it even better. A lot of useful information for beginners as well as professionals in the field of bodybuilding.

Harm and side effects of creatine. Good or bad?

One of the most frequently used questions - side effects of creatine and what harm it can cause athlete's health. Experience has shown that the incidence of side effects in creatine is quite low (less than 4%) and irreversible harm to health is not seen. Several studies certified that creatine is safe food additive and in one experiment with mice have shown that creatine improves quality and duration of life, moreover, the safety of creatine can be confirmed that in some studies have used very large doses (25 g day) for a long time, while the subjects did not have any health problems. However, the side effects of creatine are sometimes found.